Posted in: Living Posted on: Feb 27th, 2015

Maximize Space in Your Studio Apartment With These Quick Tips!

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Living in smaller spaces is becoming more and more popular these days, and this is increasingly true among city dwellers and millennials. While living in a studio apartment in Seattle, Washington has its advantages, adjusting to a smaller room dimensions does pose a few challenges. The following guide provides a few suggestions for decorating your studio apartment and making the most of your space.

Try Functional Furniture

Maximize your studio apartment’s living space by thinking outside the box, especially when it comes to furniture. Folding tables, sofa-beds, and ottomans or coffee tables that also serve as storage bins are your best friend when living in a smaller space. And there are plenty of places where you can find functional furniture items in the Seattle area. Sleepers in Seattle, for example, carries an extensive line of designer sleeper sofas so that you can always have an extra bed for guests.

Use Vertical Space

Cities wouldn’t be able to house large populations if it weren’t for high rise residential spaces and commercial skyscrapers, and there’s no reason you can’t apply the same vertical concept to your apartment. Utilize wasted wall space by buying large shelves on which you can store a variety of items. Also remember to keep in mind that shelving isn’t just for books. You can store accent and decorative items on shelves as well, and doing so will brighten the character of any room.

While the cost of buying shelving at a furniture store can empty your wallet, it should be noted that you don’t need to spend a fortune on this space-saver. In fact, you can have a beautiful, fully functional shelve that’s completely customized to your apartment’s dimensions for little cost at all. Simply build one yourself! Constructing a shelve is one of the easiest carpentry projects out there. All that you need are a few pieces of plywood, some screws, and a drill. As for customizing lengths and dimensions, simply ask a local hardware store employee to make cuts for you.

Clean Regularly

Clutter tends to build up quickly in a small space, so if you’re not the type of person who cleans their home on a regular basis, you’ll need to adapt. This doesn’t mean you have to start dusting above your kitchen cupboards or vacuuming beneath the area rugs, but it does mean you’ll want to reconsider throwing your clothes on the bathroom floor before taking a shower. Clean dishes after every meal to avoid things piling up in the sink. Invest in storage bins for your collection of shoes. And install door hooks so you have a place to hang your coat. In the event that cleaning really isn’t your thing, consider contacting a local cleaning service like Green Cleaning Seattle.

Store Unused Items

Most of us could use a little downsizing, especially when it comes to seasonal items. There’s no reason to keep three totes of holiday lights in the back of your bedroom closet if you only use them one month out of the year. And come June, the same could be said about those boxes of winter clothes. Why not free up some space by renting a storage unit? There are plenty of storage facilities in the region, and Sparefoot storage finder has a list of all of them.