Posted in: Living Posted on: Mar 30th, 2015

5 Tips for Living Off-Campus Near the University of Washington

Finding the best off-campus apartment near the University of Washington is largely a matter of knowing what to expect. The following guide provides a step by step breakdown of the things you should do to make your housing search as easy as possible. Read on to learn about budgeting, identifying a location, finding a roommate, and more!

Make a Budget

Make sure you have a budget in mind before you even start your apartment search. The last thing you want to do is fall behind on rent, and creating a budget ahead of time will ensure that you’re able to actually afford the apartment you like most. Establishing a budget isn’t complicated. Simply build a list of all your monthly expenses – including utilities, groceries, and spending money – and subtract that amount from your monthly income. Whatever you have leftover provides you with a reasonable expectation of what you can afford to pay in rent each month.

Identify Your Location

Choosing an apartment in a prime location is important if you want to perform well in school. You don’t want to show up to class late everyday because you got stuck in traffic on the expressway or had trouble finding a parking spot. So to avoid the uncertainties of a morning commute, try to find off-campus housing near the University of Washington. The best apartments for students will be located less than a few blocks away from campus. If you can’t walk to campus from your apartment in under ten minutes, you’re probably better off looking at another complex or community.

Find a Roommate

Living with a roommate is a great way to cut down on expenses. Splitting a two bedroom apartment between two people is often much cheaper than trying to pay for a studio or one bedroom by yourself. Keep in mind, however, that costs aren’t the only thing you should consider. Living compatibility should also be a factor. Screen all potential roommates by asking them questions regarding chores, study habits, and they’re expectations for you. Once you’ve found a suitable match, create a roommate agreement to consult in the event of a disagreement.

Use Campus Amenities

If you’re looking for graduate student housing near the University of Washington, you may be somewhat hesitant to make use of on-campus amenities. However, it’s good to keep in mind that part of your tuition goes to pay for these services, so you might as well make use of them when you need them. The student wellness center, for example, is a fantastic resource to reply upon in the event you come down with an illness or just have general questions concerning your health.

Manage Time Wisely

Off-campus life is full of distractions, so managing your time wisely is in your best interest. Make sure you set aside certain times to study each day so that you don’t fall behind on classwork. You’ll also want to find a quiet place to study outside of your apartment for the days when your roommate has guests over. There are several libraries on campus that are good for studying. Nearby Trabant Coffee is also a safe bet if you get your best work done in a cafe atmosphere.

Whether you’re a college sophomore living on his or her own for the first time, or a graduate student who is well acquainted with off-campus housing, we hope the above tips are helpful for your apartment search.