Posted in: Living Posted on: Dec 31st, 2015

A Brief Guide to Life in Seattle

Since you’re living in Seattle, it’s fair to assume you know at least a little bit about the city’s history. But did you know that it was once called “New York”? When settlers first came to the area in 1851, they named the first post they set up there “New York.” A neighboring village was called “Seattle” in honor of a local Native American leader. Ultimately, the village’s name stuck—resulting in far less confusion down the road.

Fast-forward to present day, and Seattle is much more than a modest settlement. The vibrant city serves as one of the biggest metropolises in the country. So when you’re choosing a place to live, you have plenty of options for apartments in Seattle. Now that you’ve successfully made that decision, it’s time to explore the city. Here are a few stops that you shouldn’t miss.

Places to Eat

If you’ve yet to check out Pike Place Market, we have the perfect excuse for you: Pike Place Chowder. Its flagship location resides right in the heart of the open-air market, somewhere between the rows of colorful, freshly cut flowers and the ever-growing Starbucks line. Stop in for a sourdough bread bowl filled with steaming clam chowder, seared salmon chowder, or even seafood bisque to taste why Pike Place Chowder ships its soups across the country.

Paseo is even more popular than the chowder shop, boasting more than 4,000 reviews on Yelp. Locals love its Caribbean take on the sandwich, which results in sammies stuffed with a tropical pork shoulder roast or grilled pork, chicken breast or thighs, or prawns or fish. After your meal, stop at Piroshky Piroshky for a rhubarb piroshky or something else sweet.

Things to See

Of course, no self-guided tour of the city would be complete without a trip up the Space Needle. The iconic tower rises 520 feet, an integral part of the city skyline. From up there, you can drink in a panoramic view of the bustling streets below and snap an Instagram pic or two.

If you’re not a fan of heights, then you might want to spend your day at the EMP Museum instead. Locals and out-of-towners alike love this museum because it’s unlike the stuffy, historical museums you visited on field trips. EMP pays homage to modern-day pop culture with exhibits such as Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty.

Spots to Get Fresh Air

You may recognize Gas Works Park from its cameos in movies and TV shows, but to the people living nearby, it’s just a 20-acre playground along Lake Union. Remnants of the former manufacturing plant still live here, but the boiler house is a picnic shelter today, and the exhauster-compressor building is a barn where kids can play.

A much smaller park with even more stunning views, 1.26-acre Kerry Park is probably the most popular green space in the city. That’s largely because its breathtaking view of Elliott Bay—and, on a clear day, Mount Rainer—rivals any other panorama in the city.