Posted in: Dining Posted on: Jun 30th, 2016

From Tradition to Fresh Takes: Seattle’s Best Pizza

Photo Credit: Public Domain

Pizza is the main source of sustenance for some college students. When you are cramming for exams and working hard towards achieving your academic and career goals, good food needs to be convenient, affordable, and fast—hence why pizza is such a college student staple.

We compiled a short list of restaurants serving the best pizza in Seattle's University District, open to students and non-students alike. Whether you’re new to the area or a local who hasn’t explored the culinary scene much, consider the following four pizzerias must-visits in Seattle.

Italian Culture and Cuisine Collide: Mamma Melina

Beautiful, generations-old artwork and décor converge with modern comfort and convenience at Mamma Melina Ristorante & Pizzeria. The interior of this eatery is busy, but in an appealing, artistic way. There are chandeliers, paintings, and awe-inspiring sculptures to distract you while you wait for a slice of pizza. Serving up lunch and dinner, this restaurant is considered an upscale spot for lovers of authentic Italian fare. Local favorites include the Bianca, Melina, Marinara, and Capricciosa pizzas, all heaped with fresh toppings and cheeses.

Modern, Guilt-Free Eats: Vegan Pizza Pi

Divide a perfect circle’s circumference by its diameter, and you always get the same value—Pi. Since every pizza is practically a perfect circle at Vegan Pizza Pi, it only makes sense that Pi is part of its name. This laidback, down-to-earth restaurant is a place where peace, love, and a smile are served up with every pie. Everything on the menu is 100% vegan, which means it’s totally free of animal products, even dairy and eggs. Vegan Pizza Pi also has gluten-free options for people with allergies. Some of the most beloved menu items include the Phoni-Pepperoni, the Ex-Meatlovers, the Aloha, and the Veggie.

Deep Dish Dining: Delfino’s Chicago Style Pizza

Delfino’s Chicago Style Pizza brings the delicious pies of the Windy City to the pizza lovers of Seattle. The dining room is comfortable, warm, and a bit rustic with brick walls, comfy seats, and an overall family-friendly environment. While the pizza is the reason most locals and travelers flock to this restaurant, Delfino’s also serves up tasty appetizers, like the stuffed mushrooms, authentic Italian meatballs, and bread with spinach and tomato. For your main course, dive into a gourmet pie like the Greek white, traditional vegetarian, or Delfino’s Deluxe.

Wood-Fired and Authentic: Elemental Pizza

The team at Elemental Pizza believes there is no one perfect pizza, but with the proper combination of chemistry and culinary flair, their specialty pies get pretty close. The chefs at Elemental Pizza let their dough ferment for three days, resulting in the perfect amount of chewiness, before they top crusts with high quality ingredients and stick the prepped pies in a scorching wood-burning oven. You can customize your entire order from start to finish, then actually watch while it bakes, or you can just grab a slice of one of the pre-designed specialty pies.

Sure, there are plenty of pizzerias to check out in your neighborhood, but these are the best of the best in the University District. Some have been serving up good food for more than a decade, while others are newbies that instantly became fan favorites. We suggest trying all four to figure out which you like the best.