Posted in: Health Posted on: Aug 30th, 2016

You Can Trust Your Health to These Doctors in the University District

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Moving to an unfamiliar location is stressful for many reasons, but one of biggest stressors is having to find new healthcare providers. However, if you're moving to the University District in Seattle, you'll find numerous dedicated professionals who can accommodate all of your healthcare needs. Whether you need an optometrist, dentist, massage therapist, or primary care doctor in the University District, the information below can help you find them and other types of healthcare providers.

Primary Care Providers

Dr. Lucy Hwang is a caring, board-certified family practice physician who graduated from the prestigious Boston School of Medicine. She is dedicated to providing optimal care for her patients. Dr. Hwang specializes in cross-cultural medicine, pediatrics, preventative care, and women's issues. The Transformational Oncology Center, the Neighborhood Ravenna Clinic, and the Pacific Medical Center are also excellent sources for primary care providers. For those interested in the homeopathic approach, Seattle Naturopathic Center can help you with a high quality of homeopathic care.

Dentists and Orthodontists

We all want our smiles to be spectacular. Northcut Orthodontics with doctors Peter Shapiro and Reid Winkler uses the latest technologies to ensure that your smile and your general oral health are the best they can be. Affordable rates, a dedicated staff, and years of experience make Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Winkler two of the best practitioners in the Seattle area. Patients consistently give them high ratings and recommend them to family and friends.


As important as dentistry and overall wellness, good eye health is vital to all of us. City Eyeworks provides some of the best eye care in the city. Whether you need glasses, contacts, an eye exam, prescription sunglasses, or emergency care, you can do no better than to consult with a doctor at City Eyeworks. The contemporary facility is open Monday through Saturday for your convenience. Market Optical also provides excellent optical care and has a great selection of designer frames from which to choose. University Vision Clinic is another highly rated option for your optical needs.

Chiropractors and Massage Therapists

Belltown Spine & Wellness is one of the most highly rated chiropractic centers in the area and provides holistic treatment at affordable rates. Whether you’re interested in spinal rehabilitation, chiropractic care, acupuncture, naturopathic care, or weight loss, Belltown Spine & Wellness can help. The staff also offers massage therapy, which can greatly alleviate some of the stress of moving.

Medical Aid Units

Virginia Mason University Village Medical Center offers walk-in service to those needing immediate medical attention. Highly rated by its patients, the beautiful and spacious University Village Medical Center is open Monday through Saturday to provide caring and professional medical attention in a relaxing facility. The Family Practice Urgent Care Center is another of Seattle's best clinics. Highly rated by patients and staffed to provide speedy and professional service, you'll be on your way quickly.

Whatever your medical, dental, optical, or naturopathic needs, you're sure to find a facility in the University District of Seattle that will meet them, so you can check off another task on your to-do list.